Pre-K Program

After preschool but before kindergarten comes the pre-K program. The Children’s Centre offers a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn basic handwriting, counting, and other cognitive skills before embarking upon the road that starts with kindergarten.


Your child will learn the foundation of becoming a beginning reader. From learning new word families to daily reading exercises, your little one will gladly make books his or her new best friend.


Touching, smelling, and seeing have been your child’s way of exploring from the time he or she has been an infant. In our pre-K program, we teach your child to write his or her thoughts down on paper through journaling.

Kindergarten prep

After your child completes our pre-K program, he or she will be ready to begin school at a private or public kindergarten facility. We pave the way for your child’s academic future, and we have fun while doing so.

Warm, caring, and nurturing


All of our 4-year-old graduates are ready for kindergarten.



Our facility is endorsed by the NAEYC.


Students always enjoy learning at The Children’s Centre.


We welcome and encourage parental involvement.